Babywearing for Beginners

Are you a parent to be or new parent?

👶 Would you love to use a carrier, sling or wrap to carry your baby – but don’t know where to start?

👶 Would you like to buy a sling but are overwhelmed by the options? Confused by all the conflicting opinions on what is the "best" sling? Amazed by the sheer number available on Amazon ... but now idea if they will keep  your baby safe and comfortable?

👶 Or do you already have a sling but are scared to use it?

👶 Or maybe you have a newborn baby who hates being put down, and wants to be held all the time? (And just to reassure you, this is totally normal!)

You are not alone! The world of babywearing can seem complicated, but I have the solution to make it an amazing part of your parenting journey! Meet your baby's needs, keep them close and happy, yet have your hands free - what's not to love?

Imagine having all that information - from qualified and experienced expert - at the touch of a button on your phone!

This comprehensive yet easy to navigate online course Babywearing for Beginners will transform you from babywearing novice to carrying your baby comfortably, confidently and safely in a sling, wrap or carrier that you love.

It will help you the buy sling that will suit you and your baby the best.

It will guide you through how to use your sling, without ending up in a tangle!

Add in expert information and answers to your questions and concerns and you will be flying!

What is included in Babywearing for Beginners?

Babywearing for Beginners is an online Babywearing Course , full of comprehensive information to get your baby wearing journey off to the best possible start. Key to this are the video tutorials - well paced, subtitled and up to date - it's like having me in the room with you! No more trawling through YouTube to find the information you need. And all easily accessible on your phone, at a time and pace to suit you.

"The short videos are perfect for squeezing in when I get a spare 5 minutes which is super handy!"

  •  The benefits of Babywearing - for baby, and for you!
  • Safety and positioning - making sure that you and your baby are safe and comfortable - no parent wants to be worrying about baby's breathing or whether they are going to fall!
  •  How to chose the "best" sling, wrap or carrier for your and your baby - something that will meet your needs, your budget and lifestyle
  • Step by step guides to choosing and using the most popular carrier types for new babies - Stretchy Wraps , Buckle Carriers,  Ring Slings, Marsupi, and woven wrap - including troubleshooting tips
  • Feeding in a sling - step by step guides to feeding in slings - both breastfeeding and bottle feeding.
  • Top tips for using your sling for the first time , what you and baby should be wearing, how to save money when buying new or pre-loved, and how your local sling library can help you with trying out slings before you buy

"Ruth's teaching style is easy to understand and each lesson goes at just the right place. Her knowledge is underpinned by experience as a baby wearer, which really adds to how valuable the course is. Further to this Ruth comes across as a lovely lady- it was like having a friend on facetime! I'm my opinion, this course will be perfect for both first time parents (or to be) and parents who have already dipped their toes into baby wearing. I only wish I had found something like this first time round! "

Babywearing for Beginners will help you to find a sling that you love and to carry confidently, comfortably and above all safely.

15 Modules

Bonus - Hip carrying for older babies and toddlers

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